Small Group Sports Performance

Our Small Group Sports Performance classes are each 60 minutes and consist of 3-6 athletes per session. This enables our coaches to have a constant watch on everyone’s form and gives them the ability to manage the hour seamlessly. Prior to starting a program, each athlete must partake in a FREE comprehensive total body assessment to establish a baseline of training ability. The assessment will focus on strengths, weakness, mobility, balance, joint function, and core strength. Upon completing the assessment, the appropriate training program will be assigned to that individual athlete based on their specific goals and areas to improve.

All workouts from the start of the program to completion will be logged and tracked on our app TEAMBUILDR, to ensure that athletes are progressing properly. Workouts will include the proper warm-up, corrective, injury prevention, and strength exercises, as well as cool-down mobility, and homework on their own. 

Here at Vision, we train athletes of all sports and skill levels. Our athletes all train as one team, regardless of school, age, or sport. By having a digital training platform, viewable via cell phone, a middle school novice lifter can train with a collegiate athlete by having their own program and weights unique to them. What separates Vision is a positive team atmosphere that enables student athletes to thrive and be excited about training.

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