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Our Story

Kevin Cline and Chris Basso first met while attending Waldwick High School in Bergen County, New Jersey.  After high school these former teammates moved on to the next level where Chris played rugby at Rowan University and Kevin played football at Ithaca College.  In 2013 they found themselves reunited as strength and conditioning coaches at an elite training facility in Bergen County, New Jersey. While they eventually took separate paths within the fitness industry they connected once again, only this time with a new goal in mind. That shared goal was to create the best all around training facility in New Jersey.  Welcome to their dream, Vision Fitness & Performance.

  • Kevin Cline

    Co-founder & Performance Coach

  • Chris Basso

    Co-founder & Performance Coach

  • David Strandberg 

    🔷 NASM CPT
    🔷 Dedicated fitness pro 
    🔷 University of Rochester Baseball
    🔷 Strength and Conditioning Coach 
    🔷 Passion for helping adults and athletes achieve their fitness goals 

  • Jared Coffey 

    🔷 William Paterson University, Exercise Science 
    🔷 Strength and Conditioning Coach 
    🔷 CPT
    🔷 Baseball Strength Coach 
    🔷 Fascial Stretch Therapist 
    🔷 HS Baseball Coach 
    🔷 Caring, considerate and well rounded fitness pro

  • Mike Hoban

    🔷 William Patterson University, Exercise Physiology 
    🔷 WPU Football 
    🔷 Strength and conditioning coach
    🔷 20+ years in the fitness industry 
    🔷 Trigenics
    🔷 In-Balance/Neuro Target 
    🔷 A highly educated, caring and friendly coach who approaches every session with the intent to help his clients improve and be successful 

  • Julie Neumann

    🔷 Group Exercise Specialist 
    🔷 20+ years experience 
    🔷 Extremely kind, motivating and inspiring coach 

Team Vision

Empower. Inspire. Achieve.

Empower individuals with the confidence and self-belief to accomplish the goals they didn't think they were capable of. Lead by example to help inspire all members to take back control of their health and wellness. Provide the tools, guidance and support for all clients to achieve their desired results.

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