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Adult Small Group Training


Do you want to be a part of a team and train with like-minded, motivated, and positive people?! Then Adult Small Group Training is for you! Be a part of a team that is built in the gym but extends into all facets of life, both socially and even business oriented. Our Small Group Training enables adults to experience personal training, at 35% of the cost, within a group setting. Each class allows for 4-7 members to ensure proper instruction to each individual for the full 60 minutes. Here at Vision, we offer a multitude of classes Monday through Saturday to suit everyone’s likes and needs, from total body strength training to high intensity interval training. All workouts and exercises can be modified for those who have restrictions, or progressed for those who want more of a challenge. Regardless of your skill level, beginner or advanced, we can accomodate you and make you a part of our TEAM. Check out our class schedule on MINDBODY for more details on when each class is available.


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